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Greenpeace Investigations Tipline

Report Environmental Crimes to Greenpeace

We invite our supporters, government employees, corporate whsitleblowers and private citizens to provide us with tips and intelligence regarding environmental crimes and noncompliance. Any and all information will be welcomed. However, we cannot guarantee that we have the resources to follow every lead or that we will be able to provide a solution or mitigate the reported environmental threat. We will respect your request for anonymity, and your information will be treated with whatever discretion you stipulate.

What is a whistleblower and what legal protection is available?

If you are a government employee or work for a company, and have evidence that you believe shows a violation of the law or harm to the environment, you should inform yourself of legal protections available. You have rights as a whistleblower and there is a process you should take to protect those rights.

Whistleblower Protection Act

Government Accountability Project Further information regarding whistleblower protections for federal employees

Further information regarding tips for whistleblowing for public employees

Please send tips to Greenpeace

By E-mail investigations@wdc.greenpeace.org

By phone leave message at 202-319-2411

By fax (Attn: Investigations Team) to 202-462-4507

By mail (Attn: Investigations Team) 702 H Street Suite 300, Washington, DC 20001

702 H Street, NW, Suite 300, Washington, D.C. 20001 (800) 326-0959
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