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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Greenpeace Investigations?

The Greenpeace Investigations website serves as a portal to a vast electronic filing system that contains Greenpeace files and research from our 35 years of environmental campaigning.

What does Greenpeace Investigations do?

Provides easy public access to Greenpeace's work and research.

Who are the intended users?

The website is designed to be a research asset to journalists, activists, policymakers, academics and the general public interested in-depth information on environmental issues.

What is on the website?

The searchable database includes:

  •       documents on current topics of ongoing research
  •       investigations from past campaigns
  •       Greenpeace reports dating back to the beginning of the organization
  •       documents received through the Freedom of Information Act
  •       scanned press clips and documents that predate the internet
  •       results of discovery in legal cases
  •       scientific research
  •       various campaign correspondence
  •       documents relevant to our international policy work

How do I use the website?

The search engine functions in the same manner as Google or other notable search engines. The advanced search options allow you to filter for date, file type and file size.

You may also browse through the various categories under the "Hot Topics" section to browse documents.

Once you locate files of interest you can download them or share the link with others through the "Tell-a-friend" function.

How do I submit information?

Please see more detailed information about submitting tips on environmental crimes to Greenpeace in our Whistleblower section.

702 H Street, NW, Suite 300, Washington, D.C. 20001 (800) 326-0959