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Topic List

    Global Warming

        Climate Backlash Research


                Dana Perino

                E Bruce Harrison

                Alan Manne

                Alan Robock

                David Laskin

                David McIntosh

                Thomas Gale Moore

                Sallie Baliunas

                Robert Balling

                Richard Mellon Scaife

                Richard Lindzen

                Patrick Michaels

                Hugh Ellsaesser

                Jay Ambrose

                John Christy

                Joseph Perkins

                Fred Singer

                    ?FS Sensitive?

                    FS v Ross Gelbspan

                    FS Testimony

                    FS Skin Cancer

                    FS Publications

                    FS Ozone Depletion

                    FS Op-eds

                    FS Nuclear

                    FS Misc

                    FS Global Warming

                    FS Backgrounders

                    FS Acid Rain

                Gregg Easterbrook

                Bill Richardson and Nukes

                Willie Soon

                    Oil and Coal Grants-Smithsonian FOIA

            Exxon Mobil

                XOM Merger Comments

                XOM Merger

                    Shareholder Vote Articles

                Lee Raymond Press 97 - 98

                GP Publications

                Exxon Valdez Oil Spill Trustee Council

                Exxon Valdez

                Exxon Correspondence

                XOM Print Ads


                    Oil Supply




                    Ties That Blind

                    David Montgomery


                    Press Releases



                    Gas Royalty Underpayments Briefing Book

                Mobil Print Ads

                    Tomorrow's Transportation



                    Donated Space


                Campaign ExxonMobil Materials

                Bush, Climate Policy, Exxon



                    GP Publications

                Private Foundation Grants


                Global Climate Coalition - GCC

                National Black Chamber of Commerce


                Charles River Associates

                Southern Company

                21st Century

                American Enterprise Institute

                Air and Waste Management Association

                American Energy Alliance

                Advancement of Sound Science Coalition

                American Petroleum Institute - API

                World Coal Institute

                World Energy Council

                Western Journalism Center


                Western Fuels Association

                Washington Times

                Utilities General

                US Chamber of Commerce

                United Mine Workers Association - UMWA


                Steele Foundation

                The Advancement of Sound Science Coalition

                Society of the Plastics Industry

                Sovereignty International

                Motor Freight Carriers Association

                Small Business Survival Committee

                Mt. Wilson Institute



                McKenna Foundation

                Management Information Services

                Leipzig Declaration

                Lambe Charitable Foundation

                Koch Charitable Foundation



                Ozone Truth Squad

                Reason Public Policy Institute


                Olin, John M. Foundation

                Progress and Freedom Foundation

                Petroleum News

                Political Econ Research Center - PERC

                Petition Project

                Petroleum Industry Research Fund

                Pacific Legal Foundation

                People for the West

                Nuclear Power - NEI


                National Wilderness Institute

                National Taxpayers Union

                National Safety Council

                National Policy Association

                National Legal Center for the Public Interest

                National Consumer Coalition

                National Center for Public Policy Research

                National Center for Policy Analysis - NCPA

                National Association of Manufacturers - NAM

                National Ag Chemical Association


                International Chamber of Commerce - ICC

                International Climate Change Partnership - ICCP


                Independent Institute

                Hudson Institute


                Hill and Knowlton

                Hoover Institution

                Heritage Foundation

                Hagel-Byrd Resolution

                Hearing Transcripts

                Heartland Institute

                World Climate Reports 99

                World Climate Reports 97

                World Climate Reports 98

                World Climate Reports 96

                Virtual Climate Alerts

                Bad Science

                Questioning Good Science

                World Climate Reports

                CO2 Is a Good Thing

                Press Releases

                Great Lakes Chemical Corporation

                Global Climate Information Project

                Georgia Pacific

                George C. Marshall Institute

                Greening Earth Society

                Global Change Integrated Assessment Program

                Global Environmental Management Initiative

                GE Fund

                George Mason University

                Frontiers of Freedom

                Foundation for Clean Air Progress

                Fraser Institute - Canada

                Florida Legal Foundation

                CEI Press Releases

                CEI Updates

                CEI Papers

                CEI Press

                CEI Everything Else

                CEI OnPoint

                EOP Group

                European Science Environmental Forum - ESEF

                Environmental Defense Fund - EDF

                Environmental and Energy Study Institute


                Energy Stewardship Alliance

                Elf Atochem Foundation

                Electronic Industries Alliance

                Electric Power Research Institute - EPRI

                Edison Electric Institute

                Economic Models

                Economic Strategy Institute


                Earhart Foundation

                Crop Protection Coalition

                Consumer Aerosol Products Council - CAPCo

                Confederation of British Industry

                Competitive Enterprise Institute - CEI

                Committtee for a Constructive Tomorrow - CFACT

                Coalition of Republican Enviro Groups

                Coalition for Vehicle Choice

                Coal Age

                Coal States 1890-1992

                Claremont Institute

                Clean Air Network - CAN

                Citizens for a Sound Economy

                Chlorine Chemistry Council

                Chemical Manufacturers Association

                Center on Neuroscience, Medical Progress & Society

                Center for the Study of American Business

                Center for Security Policy

                Center for Risk Management

                Center for a New West

                CEA Analysis

                Cato Institute

                Capitol Watch

                Capital Research

                Campaign Spending (mostly 97 -98)

                Campaign Finance

                Bodman Foundation

                Bonner & Associates

                Bradley Foundation

                Business Roundtable

                Battle Pacific Northwest Lab

                Bionomics Institute

                American Farm Bureau Federation

                American Forest & Paper Association - AF&PA

                American Highway Users Alliance

                Australia Industry Greenhouse Network - AIGN

                Atlas Economic Research Foundation - AERF




                Annapolis Center

                Americans for Tax Reform

                American Legislative Exchange Council - ALEC

                American Land Rights Association

                American Electric Power Service Corporation

                American Crop Protection Association

                American Council on Science and Health

                American Council for Capital Formation - ACCF

                American Automobile Manufacturers Association

                Alliance for Responsible Atmospheric Policy - ARAP

                Alliance for America

                Alliance for a Responsible CFC Policy

                Alcade and Fay


                Air Quality Standards Coalition


                Achelis Foundation

                Accuracy in Media

                Accuracy in Academia


        Nuclear Energy Institute

        American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity

        General Motors





    Chemical Security


    Nuclear Power

        Three Mile Island



        Toxic Toys

    FOIA Documents


            Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ)

            Navy Ship Reefing




        Motor Vehicle Air Conditioning



        Mother Jones documents

    Koch Foundations

        American Council on Science and Health

        Cato Institute

        Heritage Foundation

        Institute for Humane Studies


        Heartland Institute

        George C. Marshall Institute

        Foundation for Research on Economics and the Environment

        Competitive Enterprise Institute

        Washington Legal Foundation

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