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various skeptics_press_2.pdf olecr. founded by The document says [hat industry'S. Fred Singer. a physlci~inoted for polling, cand
SEPP press release_ozone depletion.pdf inia (804) 924-OS49 or at (703)942-4441. Pioferor S. Fred Singer can be reached for comment ut nte
ress_canberra times_global warming debate_1-99.pdf nent atmosphericphysicist in theUnited States. Dr S. Fred Singer, desctibd the report as dangcrously
ozone backlash_press_1.pdf rnal and National Review have run commentaries by S. Fred Singer, a former chief scientist for the
_directory of enviro scientists and economists.pdf Institute. Public Policy and Legal Expert. Dr. S. Fred Singer, Director of the Science and Enviro
gelbspan_wash post_hot air cold truth.pdf PAGE 36 The Washington Post, May 25, 1997 Idso, S. Fred Singer, Richard S. Lindzen and a few other
lbspan_monitor_hot air on global warming_11-97.pdf t Michaels of the University of Virginia and Dr. S. Fred Singer. ' ', .' I .Theseself-pm&iimed "gr
gelbspan_harpers_the heat is on.pdf , Dr. Robert Balling, Dr. Sherwood Idso, and Dr. S. Fred Singer, among others--whohave proven extr
filiations of selected global warming skeptics.pdf ). Accuracy in Media-- National Advisory Board" S. Fred Singer Science and Environmental Policy
cklash_Critique against backlash_Ross Gelbspan.pdf ALLEGATIONS ABOUT DR. BERT BOLIN In June, 1997, S. Fred Singer, arguably the most reckless of the
h_special report_climate change and health_001.pdf c. Thomas T. Poleman, Ph.D. CorneII University S. Fred Singer, Ph.D. Science and Environmental P
CSP_press release_12-5-97.pdf Advisory Committee on Oceans and Atmospheres Dr. S. Fred Singer;Mr. David L. Lukc 111, longtime Ch
CSP_press release_11-20-97.pdf entists engaged in the global warming debate, Dr. S. Fred Singer, a former Vice Chairman of the Nat
ns of climate change treaty_symposium_11-19-96.pdf scussants for this part of the program were: Dr. S. Fred Singer, one of the United States' foremost
LEAR_View newsletter_12-3-97_anti-kyoto groups.pdf n by former University of Virginia professor Dr. S. Fred Singer, has extensive ties to fossil fuels
woodwell_op-ed.pdf ncited,the "Eipzig Declaration," is the work of S. Fred Singer, who wasalsoloudlywrongaboutthe s
sepp_press release_leipzig.pdf alth policies through sound science
cei_ozone action press release_7-29-98.pdf ) 265-6738 Fax (202) 986-6041 www.ozone.org Dr. S. Fred Singer, Science and EnvironmentalPolicy Pr
cei_paper_ozone depletion_ben lieberman.pdf one War(New York Doubleday andCompany,1978), pp. S. Fred Singer,"My AdventuresIn The OzoneLayer,"Na
CLEAR_kyoto issue_dec 97.pdf n by former University of Virginia professor Dr. S. Fred Singer, has extensive ties to fossil fuels

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